Our suppliers are all very special in their own way whether it be their commitment to upskilling local, impoverished communities or to reusing discarded waste to make their gorgeous creations.  Our suppliers range from street vendors to established brands.  Here are a few of our suppliers and their stories!

INTYRE HOME (SOUTH AFRICA) Established in 2021, Intyre Homewear is a premium producer and retailer of handcrafted, sustainable home wear accessories that are not only beautifully designed, bold and timeless, but their products are sustainably manufactured making them friendly to the environment and socially inclusive. Handmade by local community members, their products are handcrafted from durable upcycled tyre material and carefully selected textiles from local suppliers. They strive to create sophisticated, stylish designs combining them with unconventional upcycled materials. Their goal is to become a global leader in sustainable homewear accessories and a game changer in Africa. They are committed to continually innovating the craft of sustainable manufacturing, to not only be ecologically friendly and sustainable, but also socially inclusive by working with local communities to eradicate poverty. Join them in the spirit of Ubuntu to achieve their goal, by spreading the news about what they do and purchasing one of their stylish kitchen aprons or toiletry bags. 
QUAZI DESIGN (ESWATINI)Quazi Design was born out of a partnership between a designer and a local magazine distributor in order to create much needed employment in Eswatini, Southern Africa.  Quazi Design uses recycled newspaper and magazines to create beautifully designed vessels, jewellery and light fixtures.  Each design is hand made by Quazi’s artisans who are all employed full time at the Quazi workshop.  The women artisans use innovative techniques and the sun’s rays to transform waste paper into gorgeous designs.  Quazi Design wants to change the way people see recycled materials and use waste paper for change.  By purchasing a Quazi Design, you are making a social impact!
LIVING ECO (SOUTH AFRICA)Owner Jen started Living Eco in 2018 out of a desire to make a change for herself and her family. This little project has already grown beyond expectation and she has been blown away by the response. Jen strongly believes that by creating awareness, motivating and teaching people about the harm of plastic on our environment, we can make a difference. Every item in the range has been carefully thought out and planned down to the last detail.  By providing beautiful alternatives to single use plastic, Living Eco encourages South Africans to be conscious consumers and hopes to show that being eco-friendly can be easy and affordable.
MOOI MIRRORS (SOUTH AFRICA)Mooi Mirrors is a South African based decor brand focused on functional design, all while supporting local craftsmen.  Every piece from Mooi is handcrafted and painted in Cape Town.Their design philosophy is simple, they want to create something that is both fun and sophisticated, allowing for a space to pop with some interest.  Their minis are perfect to hang up on the wall, with the box wave mirrors designed to be floor standing.  They want you to experience joy every time you walk past your mirror, catching a glimpse of your own magic!Their mirrors are pieces of art as much as they are mirrors. Artistry with function!
CAPE ISLAND (SOUTH AFRICA)Following the African tradition, Cape Island is a brand with a passion for telling stories through their products in a way that inspires people. Each item they produce connects you to the natural landscape of South Africa and allows you to escape to that piece of paradise. As an environmentally and socially responsible company, Cape Island has a mission to be a force for positive change by finding ways to give back to the community. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of selected candles is donated to a group of local non-profit organisations. Cape Island is a 100% female-owned, proudly South African manufacturer. Its products are cruelty free, environmentally friendly and aquatically safe. The company has a strong focus on high quality natural ingredients, micro-batch production and re-usable packaging. All soaps and lotions are sulphate free.
EMTHUNZINI HATS(SOUTH AFRICA)Emthunzini Hats was founded in South Africa in 2009, with Emthunzini being the Zulu word for ‘a place in the shade’.  Their hats were the first to be awarded the CANSA Seal of Recognition, being sun safe as well as fashionable.  All Emthunzini Hats stocked by Wild Republic are chosen for using sustainable, natural materials like Madagascan raffia.  This makes them breathable and of high quality. Emthunzini Hats gives back by donating their certified sun safe hats to charitable organisations that operate in the sun, like the NSRI.
CRATES OF BEAUTY(SOUTH AFRICA) Crates of Beauty is a slow commerce furniture and home decor collective that has gone from importing bespoke pieces of beauty from Bali to proudly manufacturing locally in South Africa. Our 2023 collection is a slow rollout of our own woven takes on Ndebele classics, a 100% locally made lighting range of ilala and bamboo pendants, with precision engineered, locally made stainless steel frames. Calming beauty in full harmony. As a core Balinese belief, the Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese philosophy of three pillars of wellbeing: our connection to the spiritual realm, our community, and our environment. If we are to be truly ‘Bali inspired’, we must create in a way that serves our local communities, with sustainably sourced natural materials,and beauty in its magic ability to put us in connection with harmony, will take care of the spiritual.  
PALMAR COLLECTION The Palmar Collection was made to make your home beautiful, to encourage you to invite your loved ones over to celebrate every occasion around your table. Where good food and good souls meet. Savour the moments and the chaos, slow down and take in every special memory.
Our high-quality table linens are a sustainable choice, handmade in South Africa, with mitered corners and a wide hem for that something extra. Our fabric is stonewashed, 100% recycled cotton plain weave for increased softness and minimal shrinkage. We at Palmar Collection are advocates of recycled cotton and supporting our environment. Please note that due to the fabric being recycled you may find the odd stray thread in a different colour within your table linen. Let this little piece of cotton be a gentle reminder that there is a story behind your item. It has been given a new purpose.
THE BASKITI CO. (SOUTH AFRICA)The Baskiti Co. was born from a need to find a storage solution that kept fruits and vegetables away from founder, Jana Leonard’s, then 14 month old son’s hands.What started out as a side hustle, quickly grew into a luxury decor and home-ware brand that offers simple, minimalist designs. Their objective is to deliver high quality products that are both beautiful as well as functional. Offering handmade, locally produced goods, the Baskiti Co. has been featured in magazines such as Visi, Garden & Home, Aspire Lifestyle and Glamour. Jana is very proud of her Baskiti baby as she puts it!  We are very proud to stock her gorgeous items.